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Would You Like To Attend A Really Sacred Liturgy Close To Your Home?

Would you like to attend a highly sacred and beautiful liturgy? But you don't want to drive a long distance every Sunday?  This site is for you!. Welcome to Connect SP. This is a meeting place for people who would like to attend a Catholic Mass in the extraordinary form. Pope Benedict in the Motu Proprio “Summorum Pontificum”, essentially gave all Catholics the opportunity to attend this sacred liturgy in their local area  Often all it takes is a little networking and communication to make it happen. That's where we can help!  It is from "Summorum Pontificum" that we get the SP in our name Connect SP and connecting with others in your local area is what we aim to do.


Why The Extraordinary Form Mass?

More and more Catholics are wanting to attend Mass in the extraordinary form due to its sacredness, prayerfulness and beauty. It uses the Roman Missal of 1962 and is also known as: the Classical Roman Liturgy, Tridentine Mass or Traditional Latin Mass.  Often called “The Mass of all Ages”, Pope Benedict XVI once described it as “Our Holiest and Highest Possession”. Visit "Find Resources" to find out more about this amazing liturgy.


What We Do

Where one person requests this liturgy in their parish, it does not normally get approved. However Pope Benedict made it the law of the church that where a stable group of believers requests this Mass, the parish must provide the liturgy. That’s where this site can help. At Connect SP, you can register your name as someone who would like to attend the Traditional Mass. You can also indicate if you are able to help in other ways such as music, serving or organising. We connect you with people in your local area to form a group to work together and get a Classical Roman Liturgy up and running. Register now if you would like to see this sacred and beautiful Mass close to your home. If you haven't been to this form of the liturgy before, but you are interested to attend, why not put your name down to help. We also provide support with music and altar serving. It is always good to get these aspects of the Mass done very well "from the get go" so that the Mass is a great success. 


Serving Priests Also

We also serve Catholic Priests who would like to say Mass in the extraordinary form. We recognise that many priests (especially many young priests) love this liturgy, would like to say it, but do not have the support to do so. It's about connecting these priests with the lay people who would like to attend. If you are a priest who is willing and able to say this liturgy, please register with us so we can help support each other.


How Does It Work?

When you register with us, we will put you in contact with a local area coordinator (please note this can take some little time if we don't have an area coordinator in place). They may ask you to assist, possibly by signing a petition for a parish (which is optional) or in other ways. You may wish to be an area coordinator or specific project manager yourself.  In this case you can select these options when you register. If you take on one of these roles, we will provide you with support and resources.  This will enable you to organise and bring together the people in your area. We will also assist you to work through the process with your parish priest and possibly local bishop. When the Mass is approved, this site can be utilised to find the right people who can provide training in sacred music and altar serving. 


Please Help this Important Cause and Register With Us Now!

In order for our efforts to succeed, we need plenty of people from each location.  We hope you can register your details with us soon.  Please make sure you provide full details including address etc so we know where you are and can connect you in you local area.  


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