Both Young and Old Moved By Pontifical Mass

The people of Arcadia, in the rural outskirts of northwest Sydney, were blessed with a Solemn Pontifical Mass on Saturday June 10th 2017.  The Mass was celebrated by Most Rev Bishop Richard Umbers, auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Sydney.  With all the bells and smells of this sublime liturgy, together with music lead by The Australian Sacred Music Association, it was a moment of much grace for all who attended.  Continue reading

Due Worship: A Foundation Needed For Passing On the Faith

During my later years of high school, I remember often wondering about a situation we faced in our local Catholic parishes. Those of my generation as a general rule, although there were always pockets of exception, did not attend Mass.  I especially felt sympathy for the many parents who, holding the Faith as dear to them, faced the horror of watching their children walk away from God.  They were attending Mass while their teenage and young adult children preferred to sit at home or hang out with their friends. What was happening?  Continue reading