Powerful imagery and quotes on the importance of liturgy (2 mins)



Bishop Athanasius Schneider talks to EWTN about his book on holy communion "Dominus Est - It is the Lord!".



Music From the Traditional Catholic Latin Mass of the Angels

Some music from the Latin Mass of the Angels (Christmas Mass). 
- Kyrie Eleison at 0:01
- Gloria in Excelsis Deo at 2:07



Listen to well known Catholic apologist, Tim Staples, answer this question on the Catholic Answers radio show: "Should the Church stop celebrating the Latin Mass?"



Great Explanation of Ad Orientem Worship



Well loved Australian priest, Fr Gregory Jordan explains why the way we worship, is the way we believe.



Prominent blogger on Catholic liturgy, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf talks about the importance of liturgy for our world



Tutorial for Priests on the Extraordinary Form of the Mass



Fr Tom Explains The Role of The Extraordinary Form Mass in The Church Today

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